Wowza® software simultaneously delivers engaging content to diverse users on mobile, computer, tablets, and IPTV with the security, reliability, and cost-savings that is essential in government today. The Wowza platform makes streaming of vital information and interactive communications to citizens, constituents, and employees possible. See how nuclear research giant CERN built its webcasting solution on Wowza software.


From national security updates, traffic status, and other critical communications to live government meetings, constituent outreach, and tourism information, Wowza Streaming Engine™ makes it easy to achieve the transparency, responsiveness, and fiscal responsibility the public deserves.

  1. Any Screen Reach

    On-demand or live streaming, interactive audio/video/text chat, remote recording, and other capabilities to reach users on any screen.

  2. Dependable Security

    Robust anti-ripping and encryption for security and protection. Use the optional Wowza DRM AddOn to avoid unauthorized content reproduction or re-distribution.

  3. Engaging Vital Information

    Enhance viewer experience with time-shifted live playback using the optional Wowza nDVR AddOn to provide features similar to your home DVR, or build a custom catch-up government TV channel.

  4. Unbeatable Economics

    Cost-effective Monthly and Perpetual licenses allow you to choose the payment option that best fits your budget.

  5. Unlimited Scalability

    Scale your internal server infrastructure for increasing demand, or use our broad network of Wowza Service Providers to achieve the capacity needed.

  6. Extensible

    Use our rich set of APIs to create value added applications and integrate with back-end systems.

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