• Server specifications for Intel Quick Sync acceleration with Wowza Transcoder AddOn

    Wowza Transcoder AddOn supports Intel Quick Sync accelerated video encoding. This article describes the basic specifications for workstation and server-level computers that support Intel Quick Sync (Sandy Bridge) video acceleration. For more information about the Sandy Bridge technology from Intel, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Bridge.

    Note: Quick Sync accelerated encoding is only supported on the following Wowza® software versions:

    • Wowza Streaming Engine™ 4.0 or later

    • Wowza Media Server® version 3.5.0 or later

    Windows-based server specifications

    2nd-generation Intel Core processors with Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000 or later

    Linux-based server specifications

    • Xeon processor E3-1200 v3 product family

    • 4th-generation Intel Core processor-based platforms with Intel Iris Pro and Intel HD Graphics


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    1. stlava -
      How does wowza handle systems with multi-cpus that support quicksync? Will the encoding be load balanced between the multiple cpus?
    1. rrlanham -
      According to Intel, the current multi-processor chipsets do not support QuickSync

    1. sivadwnitsuj -
      When do you anticipate supporting the QuickSync acceleration on Linux?
    1. sivadwnitsuj -
      Will you be providing hardware accelerated video encoding on Linux?