• Wowza DRM AddOn overview

    Wowza DRM AddOn for Wowza Media Server® 3.0.0 and later provides integration with third party Digital Rights Management (DRM) key management systems to add on-the-fly encryption for live and video on demand workflows. For live workflows, per-stream encryption is available with the ability to rotate keys. For on-demand workflows, per-asset and per-session encryption is available with the ability to rotate keys. Both live and on-demand key rotation support is available for Apple® HTTP Live Streaming (Apple HLS).

    Currently, integration is supported for the following key management systems:

    • BuyDRM™ KeyOS™. Supports Microsoft® PlayReady® protected Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming playback with BuyDRM players on iOS-based devices (iPhone®/iPad®) and Windows® Phone devices.

    • EZDRM. Supports Smooth Streaming playback with Silverlight® clients.

    • Verimatrix® VCAS™. Supports Apple HLS playback with ViewRight® clients on iOS-based devices, Android™ devices, PCs, and set-top boxes.

    For detailed instructions, see the following tutorials: