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Thread: IDW on win7 and remote Wowza2 on Linux (virtualbox)

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    Default IDE on win7 and remote Wowza2 on Linux (virtualbox)

    Hi All,
    I hope you can point me in the right direction via a basic walkthrough or tutorial.
    I am using the following,

    win7(host machine)
    eclipse Version: Indigo Release
    wowza IDE plugin via update site
    flash builder plugin 4.5

    via virtualbox(as guest)
    deb x64 squeezy
    samba shared folder to wowza2 dir

    (mapped drive on host ) W:\ = /home/user/wms2/

    I have set up the IDE for flex debugging on the remote server no problems.
    I am however having problems with the java side of things. I can create a new project and save it to the linux wowza2 build via a samba mapped drive no problem.
    Buildfile: D:\dev\eclipse workbench mibuild\fsmg1\build.xml

    [jar] Building jar: W:\lib\fsmg1.jar *<-this is mapped to /home/user/wms2/
    Total time: 496 milliseconds

    When I run the debug it goes to the bin folder via the mapped drive above, but runs it on the win7 host via the win7 java (C:\ Program files\......\javaw.exe).
    I would like to of course have the IDE start a debug session on the remote server (as this is a mirror of production).
    Can someone advise how to do this please, I have tried for two days with no luck as java is new to me.

    Thanks for your help,
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    I don't think this is possible. How could eclipse run a root program (Wowza) on another computer? You could start Wowza with remote debugging enabled but since you don't have the Wowza source, this also won't work.

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    Thx Randall,

    is there a way to connect to an existing wowza session, ie if I start the server as normal (./ and then debug the new jar? rather than start a new instance?


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    Sounds similar to Visual Studio ability to attach and debug running process. I don't think there is a way to do that kind of thing with Eclipse.


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