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Thread: wowza ide installation problem

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    Default wowza ide installation problem

    After installing wowza ide. I've found an errors in the log. Also if i tried to check for updates from the help menu. it issues the following error:

    Couldn't complete the request. the installation hasn't been configured properly for software uodates. Same thing appears in the installation details in the installed software and the installation history. So what could be the problem.

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    If you install the Wowza IDE 2 from the installer then you cannot use software updates. If you want to be able to use software updates then you need to install the Eclipse Java JDK and use the software update mechanism to add the Wowza plugins. It is covered as the second installation option on the labs page.


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    You may want to add this as a warning on the page: This is extremely limiting and it would be good to know this prior to selecting which option to use.

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