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Thread: EC2 as a repeater

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    Default EC2 as a repeater

    Due to local bandwidth limitations for internet, I have wowza setup on our LAN, some computers stream to it and others connect directly to it for viewing. We will also need to have a dozen or so viewers from remote locations via the internet. The problem is that we don't have enough local bandwidth to support this.

    Proposed solution is to do an EC2 server that our LAN server can send stream(s) to. Is this a possibility & is there any documentation for this type of setup?

    I was able to follow the guides for EC2: &

    I was able to stream directly to the EC2 server, (bypassing my wowza server on the LAN)

    I also did see something about liverepeater-origin & liverepeater-edge.

    Do I need to make my LAN server the origin and the EC2 an edge server??? is there any further documentation on this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    You could do this. The documentation is in the User Guide in "Live Stream Repeater (Multiple Server Live Streaming)" chapter (page 30)


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