Service Providers

For content delivery networks (CDNs), hosting and streaming providers, ISPs and other managed service providers, Wowza® software offers licensing options to fit your budget and make the most efficient use of your infrastructure.


Give your customers what they demand with reliable, high-performance media streaming to any screen. Wowza Streaming Engine™ gives you the ability to offer features and services that set you apart from the competition. Download a Case Study.

  1. Profitable Any-Screen Delivery

    Develop, deploy and monetize valuable services while giving your customers seamless reach to any screen.

  2. Generate More Revenue

    Differentiate your service offerings by using our optional Wowza DRM AddOn and Wowza nDVR AddOn to generate incremental revenues and reduce churn.

  3. Unbeatable Economics

    The cost-effective monthly subscription license allows you flexible capacity management without up-front investments or long term contracts.  The term licenses are not  for use by Service Providers.

  4. Unlimited Scalability

    Up to 10 Gbps per-server performance, and multi-server scalability for live and on-demand delivery of a virtually unlimited volume of concurrent streams.

  5. Extensible

    Use our rich set of APIs to create value added applications and integrate with back-end systems.

  6. Reliable

    Proven industrial-grade software you can rely on to give your customers the simultaneous media streaming they demand.

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