3 New Ways to Engage Your Facebook Live Audience

November 6, 2017 by

Broadcasters are always looking for better ways to attract and engage audiences. These days, it’s all about user-generated content (UGC)—and Facebook is redefining the standard for UGC video, with an average 100 million hours of video consumed on the platform every day.

Savvy broadcasters see this as an opportunity: In our recent survey of over 700 video-streaming professionals, 82 percent said Facebook Live streaming was an important strategic initiative. But with so many rushing to seize the moment, your content needs to capture audience attention in unique and memorable ways. In this post, we’ll cover the top three ways to engage your Facebook Live followers.


1: Let Your Emojis Drive the Action

What better way to engage viewers with your Facebook Live streaming than to let them decide how the broadcast will go? Being able to directly interact with your audience in real time lets you create “choose your own adventure”-style Facebook Live productions where viewers determine the plot twists. Should the hero attack his opponent, try to reason with them or run away? Which door should the heroine open? Your followers can vote to decide what happens next using an interactive emoji poll, keeping them dialed in.

Even when viewers aren’t directly determining the action, you can gauge your performance and adjust accordingly based on Live Reactions. Getting too many angry faces? Maybe it’s time to change topics. Lots of laughing emojis? Keep cracking your audience up. Viewers are more likely to participate when they feel like their voice is being heard.


2: Participate in the Dialogue

Facebook Live allows you to conduct interactive Q&A sessions where your followers submit questions through comments, and you respond to them in real time. It’s a win-win: Your viewers get answers, and you get a highly engaged audience. From virtual town halls to “Ask Me Anything” sessions, the ability to answer questions as soon as they’re asked creates a more authentic dialogue.

You can also learn what’s important to your followers by conducting Live Reactions polls. These serve as great conversation-starters between you and your viewers, and gets them talking amongst themselves, too.


3: Be Professional

There are a lot of Facebook Live broadcasts cluttering up your followers’ News Feeds. Make yours stand out and instantly grab viewers’ attention by adding professional touches.

Ensuring your broadcast starts with frame-specific accuracy is important for avoiding “are we on?” moments. Streaming in high-resolution video makes your broadcast look and feel professional, and you may even want to use a professional system that lets you insert graphics, lower-thirds or pre-produced video. Ensuring your stream doesn’t drop or buffer is also crucial for engagement: If your live stream freezes even once, that’s all it takes to lose viewers who may never come back.


ClearCaster Delivers More Engaging Facebook Live Videos

The new Wowza ClearCaster™ appliance delivers on all three of these engagement factors, so you can interact more deeply with your existing audience and draw in new ones from Facebook’s 2-billion-strong user base. It offers:

  • A Talent View that shows you exactly what your followers see, populating Live Reactions and comments directly onto the screen so you can respond in real-time.
  • A frame-accurate countdown clock that lets you know the exact moment you’re live, saving your broadcasts from unprofessional pauses or accidental on-air comments.
  • High-resolution streaming with automatic configuration and adjustment capabilities, so your broadcast maintains maximum uptime even when network conditions change. You can even plug into a professional editing suite and go live, straight to Facebook, without complex configurations.

Ready to engage your Facebook followers like never before? Read our comprehensive report on Facebook Live streaming, or learn more about using ClearCaster for professional live productions.