5 Scariest Facebook Live Mistakes

October 31, 2017 by

  This Halloween, we’ll take a look at something really scary: The top five worst mistakes you can make on Facebook Live. These spooky screw-ups are sure to put a chill down your spine, since they can make your brand look unprofessional and unprepared—scaring your followers away, never to return again!

Even though we’re a streaming media company, we’ve had problems with live broadcasts here at Wowza that don’t exactly convey our expertise.

Luckily, the Wowza ClearCaster Pro is here to save the day! Here’s how it can help you avoid the top five scariest Facebook Live mistakes:


#1: Creepy Starts and Stops

Oh, the horror of the awkward pause! Starting your Facebook Live broadcast by asking, “Are we on?” is a surefire way to scare away followers. Not only does it make you look unprepared, viewers may click to the next item in their News Feed if you don’t get right to the good stuff.

That’s why ClearCaster has an integrated countdown clock that cues the exact moment you go live. Just plug in an external monitor, and the “3-2-1” countdown appears on the screen, so your talent can give a Facebook Live performance that’s as professional as broadcast TV.

You’ll also notice a “LIVE” icon with a clock counting the length of your stream, so you know when you’re on the air. And when you end the stream, it will say “OFF AIR,” so you can be sure you don’t have a “hot mic” situation.


#2: ‘Are There Any Questions From Our Live (or Dead) Audience?’

Nothing disrupts the flow of a Facebook Live session like stopping to ask someone off-screen whether there are any questions from followers. Eek! It gets even scarier when the person monitoring Facebook comments shouts a question to the host that viewers can’t hear.

With ClearCaster, responding to comments and Live Reactions is totally seamless. The Talent View allows on-screen hosts to see the Facebook Live stream exactly the way it appears to followers, with comments populated along the bottom and Live Reaction emojis floating across the screen. This allows talent to answer questions in real time and keep up their natural rhythm.


#3: We See Unfocused People…

Your Facebook Live stream shouldn’t look like a trip to the eye doctor. An out-of-focus camera or other visual glitches, such as the “green blob of death” from our video, are nasty tricks to play on your followers.

Give them a treat instead by using ClearCaster to monitor your live stream. The Talent View will instantly show team members on- and off-screen when the picture needs to be adjusted, so you can get back to delivering a professional broadcast.


#4: A Short Stop or a Sudden Drop

A truly terrifying experience for any Facebook Live broadcaster is the live stream dropping out, buffering or failing altogether—especially when it’s a high-profile event. Imagine the agony when your live stream of the Academy Awards drops just as the Best Picture winner is announced, or buffers as the news anchor is about to report on the safety of hurricane victims. Augh!

Protect your brand’s reputation and give your followers the information they need by using ClearCaster: purpose-built for reliable streaming on Facebook Live. Just plug in your camera, editing system or other source equipment, and it auto-configures and adjusts on the fly to keep up with spooky and dangerous network conditions.


#5: Haunted Workflows

Overly complicated workflows are like a monster in your closet: They can strike at any moment and bring down your live broadcast. If your software or hardware requires 25 steps of setup before getting to Facebook, or forces you to re-configure encoder settings every time you stream, it’s easy to miss something—or get so frustrated that you run for the hills.

Don’t venture through a haunted house of complicated encoders, difficult devices and tangled spiderwebs of network cables. Use ClearCaster, and keep your workflow simple and appropriate for your use case. From initial setup to Facebook Live stream, it shouldn’t take more than plugging in ClearCaster and hitting “Go Live” in the Facebook user interface.


From all of us at Wowza, have a happy and safe Halloween—free of Facebook Live streaming nightmares!