Best of NAB 2018 With Live X & Wowza: Low Latency and Interactive Streaming

April 25, 2018 by

Best of NAB 2018 With Live X and Wowza: Low Latency and Interactive Streaming


Interactivity is playing an ever-greater role in live broadcasts, whether it’s the evening news or an e-sports competition. And when real-time interaction between viewers and broadcasters is central to the experience, low-latency streaming delivery is a must. At the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, low latency and interactivity were hot topics—and Wowza was there to cover the action.

Live from our booth at NAB 2018, the first-ever Wowza Studio Sessions were co-hosted by Wowza, Rob Baynard and Aubrey Russell from Live X and the show “Ready Take Live.” Check out some of our favorite discussions about use cases and innovations in low latency and interactive streaming:


Delivering the Next Generation of Ultra Low Latency Streaming Broadcasts

Learn how Wowza's Ultra Low Latency Service is driving the next generation of apps by leveraging Microsoft Azure's global network and high-quality cloud infrastructure.

Featuring: Rob Baynard, Live X; Jamie Sherry, Wowza; Lutful Khandker, Microsoft


Interactive Broadcast Solutions With Zender TV

Go beyond passive viewing: Learn about how to leverage interactive broadcast solutions with Patrick Debois from Zender TV.

Featuring: Aubrey Russell, Live X; Patrick Debois, Zender TV


Talking Low Latency Streaming Trends and Options

Learn all about low-latency streaming, including tools and technologies for achieving it; interesting trends and use cases; and how the Wowza Ultra Low Latency Service provides sub-two-second streaming delivery.

Featuring: Rob Baynard, Live X; Barry Owen, Wowza; Jamie Sherry, Wowza


Research in UGC Live Broadcasting

Learn about a new research study conducted by Wowza and streaming expert Tim Siglin on how people create and consume experiences with live user-generated content (LiveUGC).

Featuring: Rob Baynard, Live X; Tim Siglin, HelpMe! Stream