Capture New Business Value With Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming

October 25, 2017 by

In today’s always-on economy, customers can conduct business globally, any time and any way they want. And the pace keeps accelerating. So, how can your business not only keep up, but capitalize on new trends, efficient technologies and emerging business models?

The power of interactive, live-streaming video is one great way to make your mark. But it requires a platform that can deliver with lightning-speed at a massive scale. Our new Ultra Low Latency Service lets your business capture the value of tomorrow’s streaming experiences.


Interactive Video Offers Competitive Advantages

Organizations of all varieties are now offering streaming apps and functionality with premium services. This is a smart move, when you consider that:

In today’s competitive marketplace, apps and services must go beyond mere live-streaming, offering experiences customers can directly engage with in unique ways—and low latency is required to deliver these experiences. That’s why, in a recent survey, we found that 79 percent of respondents need to deliver to their customers in 10 seconds or less, with many needing less than five-second or even sub-second delivery.

Our Ultra Low Latency Service meets these business needs. Built on top of the Microsoft Azure global-scale infrastructure, this managed service combines a powerful developer toolkit; enterprise-level availability; almost unlimited elasticity; and capabilities for real-time engagement, with sub-two-second latency for audiences of any size, anywhere.


With Live Video Streaming, Speed Is the Key

Ultra low latency streaming enables tomorrow's innovations today across a variety of use cases and industries, including:

Interactive platforms. Many apps and services now offer “StreamingPLUS” experiences: where viewers directly participate with broadcasters and each other, using in-stream elements such as comments and reactions; live emojis and on-screen graphics; real-time polling; and more. Low latency is a necessity, because users’ input must be in sync with both the live stream and with other viewers. Common use cases include social media, influencer marketing and education.

Highly time-sensitive use cases. When live-streamed information has a relevant period of just a few seconds, viewers must react very quickly. Not only must they be able to respond to the action in real time, they must also be able to respond at the same time. Example use cases include financial trading, auctions, live sports, gaming and security.

Internet of Things (IoT) applications. These are data-driven experiences where an app or service automatically responds to information provided by a sensor or data stream, without user intervention. The platform sends video and audio information and embedded metadata along with the stream, driving new types of functionality based on recognition of environmental factors, such as faces; shapes; colors; movement; GPS information; and temperature. 


Services and APIs for Interactive, End-to-End Streaming Workflows

By nature, developers like to solve difficult problems. But if they’re solving the problem of building and managing streaming infrastructure, it takes valuable time away from their most important work: building software that advances your business vision.

APIs are the engines that drive innovation in streaming-software development. They make infrastructure, management stacks and services programmable, enabling developers to focus on what they do best: writing code and building apps.

Our Ultra Low Latency Service offers an API toolkit built for streaming, including API and custom app samples; interactive docs; an API sandbox; and mobile SDKs for developing custom iOS and Android streaming apps. These tools allow any developer to create interactive, StreamingPLUS experiences that uniquely engage audiences.


Adopt New Streaming Technology Without the Risk

While serving new technologies to a global audience comes with many benefits, there are a number of potential risks that must be considered. Our Ultra Low Latency Streaming Service helps mitigate some of the biggest concerns, bringing benefits such as:

Reduced time to market. Designing and building infrastructure takes time and resources that could be better spent developing functionality. By building on Microsoft Azure, our service offers high availability to geographically distributed computing and networking resources. It reduces the distance to the last mile to deliver sub-two-second latency with maximum scalability and uptime.

Flexible scale. Scaling for cost-effective streaming can be difficult to achieve, since demand forecasts are almost never precisely accurate. Owning your own infrastructure gives you more control, but you’ll probably never use its full capacity—and when you use less, it doesn’t cost you any less. Using our managed service, on the other hand, provides on-demand, elastic-capacity scaling, so you can pay as you go—controlling costs and aligning with revenue at any scale.  

Future-proof technology. As mentioned, innovation is always accelerating; the second you deploy infrastructure, you’re already counting down to obsolescence. As a fully managed, API-driven platform, our Ultra Low Latency Service will evolve along with the times, incorporating the latest technology and future-proofing your workflows.

The Wowza Ultra Low Latency Service is a revolutionary streaming platform, enabling you to create video experiences only limited by your imagination. Our super-fast service has the industry's top streaming software at its core, and is built on the leading global cloud-computing infrastructure of Microsoft Azure. It delivers a comprehensive suite of developer tools; management and monitoring capabilities; and massive scalability.

Create experiences and achieve business goals only limited by your imagination. Learn more about the Wowza Streaming Cloud Ultra Low Latency Service, and start unlocking tomorrow’s streaming capabilities today.

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