Doing What’s Never Been Done

March 6, 2017 by


Hackathons are always one of the most fertile breeding grounds for applications, where developers come together creating apps that excite, engage, inspire and provide real benefit for end users. Many of them solve complex problems like personal safety, whereas others entertain and enhance communications. Streaming continues to both grow and expand as the key ingredient to increasing user engagement and providing additional functionality for many of the world's most exciting applications. As such, Wowza is proud to be a part of the hackathon community, providing on-site training, workshops and free developer tools to inspire teams and help ideas come to life.

DeveloperWeek Hackathon in San Francisco was no exception, bringing together over 800 developers competing to build the best applications in a variety of categories, including several challenges sponsored by Wowza.



Over the course of the two-day event, sponsors issued development challenges, and developers rose to the occasion to create a number of interesting applications to take home cash prizes and other goodies.  Wowza Streaming Engine, Wowza Streaming Cloud and GoCoder SDK were used in the development of several applications, including:

Real-Time WebRTC Streaming

Utilizing Wowza Streaming Engine's ability to simplify WebRTC sessions, RT Map combined ultra-low latency interactive streaming from mobile devices with geospatial mapping to create a social mapping SaaS application. The app would allow users to create new streams, and participate in live streams on an interactive map. The app's basic premise:

See something interesting and think others might be interested?  Go live with a real-time interactive stream.
See something interesting on the map?  Click to view the live stream and interact with the person streaming.

RT Map takes the democratization of news and events to the next level. Anybody can post and view what they think is important to them and interact with other posters, all in real time. See live video of events as they unfold and interact with whoever’s streaming the event.



360° Streaming

Leveraging Wowza Streaming Cloud, the Live Sports 360° VR project allows consumers to feel like they're inside of a professional football game, moving at-will between multiple 360° views. Viewers could watch the quarterback throw the football, then switch to see the catch, or see the field in front of the runner, the defensive tacklers pursuing, all in real-time. The video player view would have an overlay to quickly access different players and viewpoints to see the game from every possible angle. 



GoCoder SDK Enabled Mobile Live Streaming

Imagine a wearable that not only enables firefighters to see what's going nbsp;on, but automatically prioritizes items and alerts them to critical situations. Handhelds can help triage an entire crowd and alert first responders to people without obvious injury that might be in distress. Wearables can alert an IT manager when they pass a server with a hot-spot prior to any failure. The potential applications are pretty amazing. 

The Thermal Stress Test team developed an IoT SaaS platform that uses the capabilities of an external FLIR camera to:

  • Turn any iOS or Android device into a professional grade infrared camera to leverage the capabilities of GoCoder SDK
  • Deliver both the video and metadata of infrared readouts across Wowza Streaming Engine to drive pre-built services like firefighting, lie detection and a variety of other applications

Designed as a carte-blanche application platform, the application could be customized for a variety of use cases in security, public safety, weather modeling and more.



It's pretty safe to say that we are only beginning to scratch the surface as to what developers can do with streaming. Do you have a great idea? Sign up for a free trial of Wowza Streaming Engine, Wowza Streaming Cloud or GoCoder SDK, and get started in just a few minutes with developer resources and GitHub repositories designed to have you up and running quickly.

For more on how Wowza enables builders and developers to utilize streaming in their projects see our 360° interview with Wowza VP of Engineering Barry Owen on Facebook.

For a limited time Wowza is offering a free Wowza Streaming Engine perpetual license with the purchase of a Wowza GoCoder SDK license. Contact us to find out more.