Engage Followers Like Never Before With New ClearCaster Features

November 30, 2017 by

By now, you probably know Facebook Live is the best online platform for reaching the world’s largest pool of potential viewers—over 2 billion of them, to be exact. The Wowza ClearCaster™ appliance lets you leverage this massive audience and create successful, follower-driven broadcasts.

ClearCaster is the only encoding and delivery solution that comes with a frame-accurate, integrated countdown clock, which tells on-screen talent the exact moment your stream goes live. It also offers a Talent View, so you can see exactly what your followers see. And now, we’ve released some great new features that take your Facebook Live streaming to the next level.

With the latest ClearCaster updates, you can choose between two different Talent View displays: a Comment Layout that puts comments and Live Reactions front-and-center, and a Camera Layout, which hides comments, showing only Live Reactions and the primary video feed. This lets you focus on creating the best possible content to connect with your audiences.


Talent View with Comment Layout

Talent View with Camera Layout


The expanded countdown-clock range is another update broadcasters will find useful. When “3-2-1” just isn’t enough, set your go-live countdown clock to five, 10 or 15 seconds. Thanks to the frame-accurate start time, there’s no more awkward pauses or “are we on?” moments—your on-screen talent has the time they need to prepare for their close-up.

Finally, you can now monitor audio and video levels directly from the Talent View. Adjust your audio on the fly so you don’t blow out your audience’s ears. Monitor the video quality coming in from your source and going out through ClearCaster to Facebook Live, so you can ensure you’re providing the best possible stream.


Audio/video monitoring from Talent View


These new settings can be configured in a few ways:

  • Remotely, using a mobile device to access the clearcaster.wowza.com portal.
  • Through the Facebook Live user interface.
  • Directly from the LCD panel on the front of your ClearCaster appliance.

You can even switch settings on the fly, to meet changing broadcast and workflow demands.


Selecting the new settings from the ClearCaster LCD panel

Selecting the new settings from the clearcaster.wowza.com portal


With these new updates, it’s easier than ever to create pro-quality Facebook Live broadcasts that keep your followers engaged. Want to see the new features in action? Sign up for our product update webinar.

At Wowza, we are always innovating to deliver the latest capabilities of the Facebook Live API through ClearCaster. Follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our blog or visit the ClearCaster page to learn more and stay in the loop as new features roll out!