Fastly vs. Akamai for Wowza Streaming Cloud

August 17, 2021 by

By leveraging the power of a content delivery network (CDN), broadcasters can reliably reach large-scale audiences across the globe. CDNs help remove traffic bottlenecks and streamline video delivery.

When distributing your content with Wowza Streaming Cloud, there are two options built into our Wowza CDN service: Fastly and Akamai. So how do you go about selecting which one is best for your workflow?

Our resident video producer, Justin Miller, recently sat down with Mac Hill, who heads up technical support. In the video above, they discuss the features available with each CDN, pros and cons of Fastly vs. Akamai, and why you’ll want to go with Fastly for video on demand (VOD) streaming.


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