Finding the Creative Spark: App Ideas Using the Wowza GoCoder SDK

May 16, 2016 by

Wowza developer iconNow that the Wowza GoCoder SDK App Challenge is underway, it's time to start thinking about all the fun, innovative, and inspiring mobile apps you can create.

Looking for ideas to spark your creativity? Here are a few we've been chatting about around the office. They build on the ability to capture gameplay from a game itself, to capture telemetry data, and to record and stream MP4 files:


Gameplay streaming from within the games themselves: Use the SDK to capture gameplay via OpenGL and SceneKit buffers. Additionally, pull in the Apple or Android device's camera to show viewers the gamers' faces, etc.


GoCoder SDK telemetry map with location pins and video Live streaming and location tracking for music festivals, trade shows, theme parks, etc.: Add functionality to let people stream their excitement about attending the event, thoughts at the end of each session or day, etc. Incorporate interactive maps of venues to allow people to share their movements with colleagues, family, and friends who might also be attending.


Car and home insurance claims: Expedite and simplify the filing of insurance claims after a car accident, hail storm, or flood. Complement all of the standard claims-filing functionality with user-submitted video that shows the details and extent of the damage.


Tools for enterprise field reps: Field reps such as cable installers, sewer inspectors, and telephone repair people often need to consult with engineers back at the office to walk through a problem. Give them the ability to securely live-stream video of what they're seeing. For workers in remote locales with little or no bandwidth, build in the ability to record to MP4 and store the video locally. Your app could detect when the user is connected, and automatically stream the video then.


We'll be back soon with more ideas to get the creative juices flowing. In the meantime, dig into the Wowza GoCoder SDK documentation.