GoCoder SDK App Challenge: Announcing the Winners!

November 1, 2016 by

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We're excited to share the winners of the GoCoder SDK live mobile streaming app contest! Live streaming is becoming a part of everyday activities like shopping for clothes, watching the news, playing games, and connecting with other people, and that's inspiring tons of new apps based on live streaming. Without further ado, here are our winners:


Overall Winner—Best Use of Live Streaming, Most Unique

Prize: $5000 cash + GoCoder SDK License

Spree app, by Gregrian Vassell and Bobby Kennedy, Above Rocks

Spree is an iPhone app that makes live and on-demand video into a unique digital shopping experience. Shop Barneys NY, Missguided, and more on Spree.

Here's an example of how it works: Jenn, a style influencer and blogger, posts a live video at brunch to highlight her new leather jacket. App users can receive notifications any time a live stream starts, and videos are saved for anyone to watch on demand in case they miss the live streams. Five of Jenn's followers on Spree purchase the jacket in-app with Apple Pay and Jenn earns a commission for each sale.

Purchase one item or a whole outfit in one click, without having to scour stores in person or surf multiple websites. For more information, visit the Spree website.

GoCoder SDK App Challenge winner Spree app screenshots


Special Award—Best Developer Enablement

Prize: GoCoder SDK License

Challenge app, by the Oxagile team

The Oxagile team’s submission gives developers a quick and easy way of integrating the GoCoder SDK with apps based on the Unity engine. iOS and Android developers will be able to deliver live experiences to gamers and provide VR, AR, and 360-degree streaming experiences.

We got a 360-degree tour of the Oxagile development facility using the Unity plug-in, the Challenge app, and a Google Cardboard device, with video playing back via Wowza Streaming Engine. The app created a seamless experience that made us feel as if we were able to visit Oxagile in person to see them demo the app. Check out the Oxagile website for more detail. 


Honorable Mention—Best Use of Live Streaming to Enhance an App

beBee app, by Daniel, Ana, Jorge, Miguel, and Jónatan, beBee

Live Buzz is the new live-streaming video feature in the beBee app, leveraging its affinity-based social network of more than 11 million users worldwide. Whether you’re interested in professional networking or connecting with others with similar hobbies, now you can live-stream to all your followers. At your favorite band's concert, on the trip of a lifetime, or just celebrating a special event? It's easy to share. Miss someone’s Live Buzz? No worries—all recordings are available as video on demand so you can watch them later. Check out the beBee website for more detail.


Honorable Mention—Best Showcase of the Wowza Platform

XPosee app, by MPlay Media

Xposee is a handy tool to let broadcasters and mobile journalists break news faster via user-generated content. The iOS and Android app makes it easy to capture events as they unfold, and stream the action live as well as on demand. Geotagging of live streams from all users means audiences can zero in on events taking place in a particular locale. Users can access their own live streams in a desktop browser or a mobile device, or via the admin dashboard in the app. Additionally, all recordings are available for on-demand streaming anytime. For more information about the app please visit the XPosee website.


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