Grow your live streaming audience from thousands to millions in 90 seconds flat

October 3, 2014 by

You have a very important live streaming event coming up that requires reliable delivery to a large and widely distributed audience.  You are a Wowza customer.  You are an Akamai customer.  You are in luck!

Reliable live streaming delivery to audiences large and wide requires a distributed edge network.  You have several options for connecting your Wowza Streaming Engine origin to and an edge network.  One of the simplest and most effective methods is to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), such as the Akamai Intelligent Platform. Akamai is the world’s largest CDN providing superior scalability, reliability, availability and reach.

Wowza Streaming Engine Push Publishing provides a simple yet powerful method for publishing live streaming content where and how you want, maximizing scale, reliability, availability, and reach.  Push Publishing is very flexible and powerful.  Support includes:

  • A wide array of destinations including CDNs, services, and servers
  • All connection methods (protocols/formats) currently supported by Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Authentication (unique applicable to specific connection protocols)
  • Single bit-rate streams and multiple (ABR) streams
  • Single and multiple destinations (includes primary/secondary redundancy at a single destination and primary separate destinations)

Over the past year or so, we have been working very closely with Akamai to ensure publishing compatibility from Wowza Streaming Engine.  Our most recent updates, now available in the latest version of Wowza Streaming Engine, include expanded support beyond Apple HLS and Adobe RTMP with the addition of Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) and MPEG-DASH.  For more information, please click here.

Go ahead, take a test drive.  See for yourself how easy it is to use Wowza Streaming Engine and Akamai for live streaming.

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