HackCU: The Next Social Streaming App is Born

January 10, 2017 by

Wowza recently sponsored the HackCU hackathon, Major League Hacking’s largest U.S. hackathon. As part of Local Hack Day, teams were given the opportunity to leverage the Wowza suite of media streaming developer tools. Taking place on the University of Colorado Boulder campus, HackCU brought together 200+ developers, key development tools, and enough energy drinks to keep a small town awake for two months.

One of the things we love most about hackathons are the opportunities to interact and work with talented participants that are still new to developing, and even newer to the world of streaming. HackCU fulfilled this promise by bringing together developers of varying skill levels to work on new ideas, advance existing projects, and help new developers get their first taste of what hackathons are all about.

We caught up with one of the teams, Metro TV (pictured below), leveraging the Wowza GoCoder SDK and the Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API to build an iOS live streaming mobile application and web portal that captures and delivers live streams. Here is what they had to say about their hackathon experience:

Q: What is the idea behind the MetroTV project?

A: The idea behind Metro was to experiment with streaming on iOS devices. The project we are proposing to the University enables social streaming for campus communities.

Q: We definitely have customers leveraging streaming in their SaaS social and collaboration apps, does this fall in line?

A: Sure it has been done before, but not by us!

Q: What spurred the idea for the project?

A: We came up with the idea after deciding that we wanted to use one of the API’s provided by the sponsors at the hackathon. All of us agreed that the API’s are rarely used by teams (at least in our experience) and they could open up a lot of new opportunities for us on the development side.

Q: What developer tools were helpful in getting up and going quickly?

A:  From Wowza? The GoCoder SDK, Wowza Streaming Cloud, Wowza Streaming Cloud Sandbox, the support tutorials, and the #livestreaming Slack community.

Q: Besides the Wowza tools, what other tools did you use for your project?

A: We also used Firebase, which is the server Google allows developers to use.

Q: What you accomplished in just 12 hours was really impressive. Before you got access to the Wowza tools, how long were you thinking it would take?

A: Considering we knew almost nothing about how to build a stream, probably a few weeks! I’m sure I could learn how to with the hundreds of resources on the web, but Wowza did make it much simpler.


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