Join the Slack #livestreaming Community

August 8, 2017 by

Over the past year, Wowza has introduced the #livestreaming community on Slack to the world. With almost 2,000 members and counting, the #livestreaming community was designed to be a real-time hub for all things live-streaming—where streaming professionals, developers and change-makers share expertise, resources and feedback.

The #livestreaming community has been abuzz since its creation, and we've seen more impactful conversations and stronger bonds between community members and streaming enthusiasts as it has grown. WIth many streaming professionals already using Slack, it's easier to ask a question than ever before. If this sounds exciting (and it should!), you can join the streaming action by heading to and submitting a request.

How Do I Get Started With Slack?

To sign up, head over to You'll get a Slack invitation in your email inbox within 24 hours.

Once you receive your registration email, click on the link to join #livestreaming and download the Slack desktop app—this allows you to connect quickly and stay in the loop with conversations. We've recruited several Wowza admins to help you get started and answer any questions. Their usernames are @laurie, @jamesjackson, @tim.wowza, @Anthony.lazaro and @jamie. We also ask that you read through the Community Guidelines, pinned in our #general channel, to learn more about how our group functions and how to get the most out of Slack.

I've Joined in the Past (I Think)—How Do I Regain Access to My Account? 

To re-login into your #livestreaming Slack account, you’ll need the Slack URL, your email address and your password. The #livestreaming Slack URL is live-streaming

Slack Login Screen

Note: If your email address and password can’t be found, you may be trying to sign in using the wrong Slack URL. Here’s how to find which teams you have an account on; just enter your email address, and click “Send me a sign-in email.” Check your inbox for an email with your Slack information, including the URL you can use to sign in. 

Can I Sign Into Multiple Slack Teams?

Yes—you can stay signed in to all your Slack teams, and seamlessly navigate between them, by downloading the Slack app for your desktop and mobile devices. To sign into more than one team, follow these instructions

We can't wait to see more conversations and collaborative streaming projects come out of this new way of communicating. It's been great so far. See you in there, and happy Slacking!