[Updated] Meet Our New Ultra Low Latency Streaming Service

September 11, 2017 by

A few weeks ago, we announced that we were hard at work developing a new Ultra Low Latency Service as part of the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ platform. Today, we’re proud to unveil that service, which can deliver streams around the world with less than three seconds of end-to-end latency.


Less Than Three Seconds Around the World

The new Ultra Low Latency Service is purpose-built for video. Unlike legacy networks that were built for static content, this will never cache, doesn’t fail and is built for speed. And it’s easy to manage, offering a simplified model for media distribution that not only enhances multi-screen reach, but also streamlines workflow complexities.

Your viewers rely on streams that won’t fail. Our super-fast service delivers world-class redundancy and stability, and will automatically scale for large events or peak viewing hours. When demand is high, our platform offers greater elasticity and intelligent load-balancing to meet your viewers.


Global Footprint for Elastic Scalability

To deliver your video at scale, we partnered with the world’s largest global cloud computing infrastructure. Built on Microsoft Azure data centers, with the most POPs and nodes, the new platform consistently delivers your streams around the world through a single, unified network.

And since this is a computing network, not a storage network, we’ve built in several intelligent processes, including real-time monitoring and self-healing capabilities. Should there be any interruptions, the platform can detect them, and roll over to the nearest available data center to maintain uptime. From ingest to playback, our platform monitors the entire streaming workflow — offering greater control and insight into the performance of your streams.


Developer Toolkit for Interactive End-to-End Streaming Workflows

Today’s streaming applications deliver more than just video. Many of them combine real-time data, interactive elements or video augmentations to create the engaging experiences audiences now demand.

Our Ultra Low Latency Service is API-based, making it easy for developers to create interactive, real-time experiences that bring viewers and broadcasters together. The toolkit built for streaming includes interactive documentation, custom app samples and SDKs for creating tomorrow’s mobile apps. Our new service provides a proven developer framework with comprehensive APIs that let developers quickly move from the source code on their laptop to a worldwide, scalable service.


Want to See It in Action?

We welcome you to find out more about the new Wowza Ultra Low Latency Service and availability.

We’ll be demonstrating the full capabilities of the new Ultra Low Latency Service during the 2017 International Broadcasters Convention and Expo, September 14-19, in Amsterdam, Netherlands (read our press release here). To schedule an onsite demo, please visit: https://calendly.com/wowza/ibc-2017/09-15-2017.


*Updated April 2019