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LearnCore is changing the face of corporate training, one video at a time

March 5, 2015 by Wowza Media Systems

One of the most powerful activities that companies can do is invest in their employees. When you help your employees grow and evolve as professionals, it will only help your business be more successful. Historically, training sessions have been boring, outdated, and not helped people learn or improve. LearnCore, cloud based learning platform recognized an opportunity to improve training and feedback and set out to change the way that employees practice soft skills that are mission critical for selling, customer service and marketing. 

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Streaming In Higher Education: More than just distance learning

February 27, 2015 by Wowza Media Systems

Students today are armed with many tools to enhance their learning experience. They also frequently have the luxury of being able to attend classes virtually at a university that is located out of commuting distance. As a result, people often think that streaming video and audio in higher education only involves live streaming classes in an e-learning environment. However, there are numerous other ways in which streaming can enhance the learning experience as well as boost the university’s student success rate.

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VolleyMetrics is a hit above the rest

February 25, 2015 by Carlos Perez

Gaining an edge on your competition is crucial in any sport, but what if I told you that Wowza customer VolleyMetrics has revolutionized this process? It could save you up to 80 hours a week, freeing up time and resources you can use to get your team ahead. Video streaming sits at the center of this revolution and arms coaches and teams with the tools that they need to be champions.

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Sports Streaming: Expanding Revenue and Engagement

February 12, 2015 by Carlos Perez

A big thank you to all our sports streaming webinar participants last week. Of course the VOD asset is available on your request, and please let me know if we can provide a demo or consultation with respect to Wowza’s media streaming solutions.

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February 9, 2015 by Wowza Media Systems

It seems like no matter where you look, weather cams are being streamed on TV or online. The fact of the matter is that people don’t like to be surprised about the weather and most are fascinated with watching extreme weather or storms move in. is bringing this into people’s homes one live stream at a time.

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PlayOn! Sports: Redefining the sports viewing environment

February 3, 2015 by Carlos Perez

At Wowza, we are passionate sports enthusiasts. Not only are we avid fans, but we also dig in deep with our many sports customers to create end-to-end solutions. We are always thirsty to solve new challenges and work to keep improving live and video on-demand streams for fans worldwide.

Did you know that participation and attendance in high school sports has been on the rise for the past 20 years? So much so, that Americans attend more than three times as many high school sporting events than college and pro combined. If you are a fan or relative of a high school athlete, you have noticed that their games and activities schedule can be demanding. Though being on the sideline is ideal, this isn’t always possible. An alternative that many viewers are turning to is live streaming.

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5 Benefits of Live Streaming Sports

January 21, 2015 by Wowza Media Systems

Sports fans from little leagues to the majors all have one thing in common: supporting their team is imperative. Watching their favorite team regardless of location is crucial, and shouldn’t be restricted because they can’t attend live or aren’t near a TV. With university athletics, for example, this is often a hurdle that fans face because followings spread far and wide. This is where streaming can bridge the gap, allowing fans to never miss a goal, race or ace.

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Common Live Encoding Workflows for Live Event Streaming

January 14, 2015 by Anthony Lazaro

When it comes to live streaming, everyone is trying to achieve the same goal: deliver high- quality video to every device. Unfortunately, the industry lacks a universally adopted streaming protocol, which means if you are serious about reaching all devices, you must create multiple streams to optimize for desktop and mobile environments. Add in the desire for adaptive streaming, and a live event producer can easily be required to produce 10+ output streams for a single event.

Read more » Worshipping without boundaries

January 13, 2015 by Wowza Media Systems

It’s becoming an expectation to be able to view live events from anywhere in the world. It’s no longer necessary to travel to an event that isn’t in your city, live streaming bridges the gap and brings people together like never before.

This, then, poses the question, should church services be accessed any differently than other live events? has an easy answer to this question: Nope! House of worship services from any denomination should be able to be accessed from anywhere. Worshiping without boundaries is their end goal.

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Wowza Predictions for Online Video in 2015

December 9, 2014 by Wowza Media Systems

When I first started working on streaming media products in 1999, my co-workers and I were convinced that online video was going to be big someday. Fueled in large part by mainstream successes within the last decade by pioneers such as YouTube and Netflix, few would argue that online video ubiquity is spreading across the globe and "someday" has arrived.

What are the big trends we see as we go into 2015? There will be many advances with specific new technologies, such as HTML5 streaming, HEVC (H.265), 4K, and MPEG-DASH, and we'll focus on those in the months and years ahead. In general, those technologies will help fuel some broader changes already ramping up in the market. 

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