Simulcast Streaming With Wowza ClearCaster

July 24, 2018 by

Simulcast Streaming With Wowza ClearCaster

Facebook Live is a popular streaming destination—but it isn’t the only destination. From schools to sports teams, professional broadcasters to houses of worship, many content creators need to send live-streaming video to a wide range of websites, platforms and devices in addition to Facebook Live.

Now the Wowza ClearCaster™ appliance allows you to deliver to all your favorite streaming destinations with simulcast streaming, offered through our Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service. After an easy initial setup, you can send streams to your website, YouTube Live and a wide range of other destinations with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to start simulcasting with Wowza ClearCaster, and reach more of your top destinations more easily:

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Full Video Transcription

Justin Miller: Simulcasting simply means simultaneously broadcasting to multiple targets. In this demo, I’ll show you how to simulcast live from Wowza ClearCaster to Facebook—and then, with Wowza Streaming Cloud, also stream the same feed to YouTube and your own website.

First, this needs to be set up in your Wowza Streaming Cloud account. Select Live Stream, and then simply choose to add a live stream. We’ll name this live stream “YouTube + Website,” then select the location closest to where we’re broadcasting from. On the next screen, we’ll choose the ClearCaster as the source, and also change the aspect ratio for the broadcast to 1080p. To simplify the rest of this demo, we’ll click “next” through the other settings, and go straight to finish.

Now let’s access Transcoders, and view the transcoder for the live stream we just created. This Transcoder has six renditions for adaptive bitrate to your website. For simulcasting this to YouTube, we only need the Passthrough.

Using the Outputs and Targets tab, we’ll go to the Passthrough and add a custom stream target. This will go to YouTube.

To get the proper information for setup, we’ll need to go to our YouTube account and set up the live stream. You can do this from Creator Studio. To prepare this to occur on a future date, go under Live Streaming and choose Events. Schedule this as a new event by adding all Basic Info necessary. Then, under Advanced Settings, you’ll want to check Auto-Start, so the stream automatically starts when Wowza ClearCaster starts sending data.

Now that we’ve created the event in YouTube, we’ll need to get the Ingest Settings. We recommend choosing to have a reusable stream key, so it can be re-referenced in the future by our custom stream target. Copy the stream name, Primary URL and Backup URL. Back in your Wowza Streaming Cloud account, we’ll name our Custom Stream Target “YouTube.” Change the Provider to RTMP as required by YouTube, then paste the copied data from YouTube into the areas provided, and Add.

The last thing we’ll need to do is go back to Live Streams and locate our new live stream. On the page you should see a Connection Code to copy. We’ll use this code in the Wowza ClearCaster Manager under Simulcast. Paste in the Connection and Add Target. Now, through the Wowza ClearCaster Manager, you’re ready to simulcast.

Under Broadcasts, we’ll create a new broadcast for this live stream. We’ll share this on a page we manage, and Create it. Now we can select our ClearCaster, add a title and description and under Simulcast, target “YouTube + Website.”

Now we can Go Live to Facebook. Once live on Facebook, we can also start the simulcast to both YouTube and our Home Page. That it’s. We can verify our live stream on Facebook and YouTube. For our Home Page, we can use the HLS code from the Wowza Streaming Cloud account, and use Wowza Player to test the stream and make sure it’s working.

Now that we know we’re simulcasting to all three targets, we can end the broadcast for this demo. So we don’t stream dead air, we recommend first ending the broadcast from the YouTube website, then, back in Wowza ClearCaster Manager, stopping the live stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud for your website. Then finish by Ending the Broadcast to Facebook.

That’s it for me. But try streaming to other targets like Twitch, Periscope and Vimeo. It’s all possible with Wowza.