Sports Logic Saves Months of Development Time with Wowza Technology

June 26, 2016 by

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Use Case
Live mobile broadcasting and video on demand (VOD)

Sports Logic provides the leading youth sports league-management tool, supporting more than a million users. Sports Logic’s SL Team App includes a new feature, SL Live, built on the Wowza GoCoder™ SDK for live mobile streaming—giving coaches, administrators, athletes and parents even more ways to manage teams, track player statistics and capture every play.


Sports Logic Seeks Secure Streaming From Multiple Devices

Recognizing the vast potential of live streaming from mobile devices, Sports Logic began looking to expand its offerings by providing a robust video-streaming solution to complement the team-management features already included in the SL Team App. The app would need the ability to live stream games and tag relevant sport-specific statistics, such as goals, baskets, misses and defensive plays. Additionally, Sports Logic wanted the app to achieve the following:

  • Provide security options to allow for private family accounts, while also offering the ability to share video clips via social media, email and SMS.
  • Receive feeds from multiple cameras, and time-sync them to provide various camera angles to showcase the action.
  • Allow coaches and parents to capture athletes’ best moments as VOD assets that can be shared later as a portfolio for recruiters, coaches and extended family.

Flexible Mobile Live-Streaming and VOD With Wowza Technology

Sports Logic chose the Wowza GoCoder SDK to create its live mobile video capture and encoding feature, SL Live. Behind the scenes, that app passes the streams to Wowza Streaming Engine for processing and distribution using adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming to reach viewers on any device. Building its application on Wowza technologies allowed Sports Logic to create a robust solution with the following features:

  • Multiple-resolution video capture and ABR streaming: Users can select the resolution at which they want to capture video (the app’s options are Efficient; Standard; High Definition, or HD; and Ultra High Definition, or UHD), based on factors such as available bandwidth and mobile data limits. When delivering video, the Wowza Streaming Engine ABR feature assesses each viewer’s bandwidth connection and screen size to determine whether to send the video at the resolution it was captured, or at a lower resolution, for the best possible viewing experience every time.
  • Time-synced live streams from multiple cameras: Game content from multiple cameras can be streamed and synced through the master event manager. As the game clock begins, all relevant streams captured by the team and family accounts during that time are immediately time-coded to match the game.
  • 10-second autoclipping for VOD playback: The mobile app uses Wowza nDVR capabilities to provide game- and player-highlight clips for VOD playback during and after an event. During each match, parents and coaches can select a predetermined action (shot, goal, block, etc.), which will create a 10-second MP4 VOD clip that can be assigned to the athlete(s) in the play. They can also tag a new play during a live video stream and create a 10-second clip to be viewed and assigned later.
  • Secure streaming, plus sharing options: Using login encryption within the app, Sports Logic ensures that only people with the right access can view the live streams. Account owners can easily share links that enable people to watch the action via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS, and those links expire after 24 hours.

Benefits Include Faster Time to Market and Branding Opportunities

Sports Logic started creating its live-streaming feature from scratch, but soon decided to save time and gain proven reliability by developing with the GoCoder SDK. Sports Logic makes the most of Wowza technologies to achieve results such as the following:

  • Increased speed to market: Using reliable, industry-leading Wowza technology saved six to eight months of development time, allowing Sports Logic to go to market much sooner with a full-featured mobile streaming app.
  • Complete branded experience: The SL Team App is an important part of the robust league-management service, and helps build brand equity and enforce Sports Logic’s industry-leading position.
  • Quick rollout of new features: Wowza technology is future-proof, constantly advancing as the streaming industry evolves. As new features become available in the GoCoder SDK and Wowza Streaming Engine, Sports Logic can incorporate those features into its own offerings with minimal effort.

“We knew live streaming and highlights would be an experience every athlete and parent would enjoy—it’s only a matter of time until streaming becomes the new standard. SL Live had to be done the right way. That’s why we chose to build with Wowza.”—Jeffrey Lawson, founder & CEO, Sports Logic