Streaming into 5G – Mobile World Congress 2017 Trends

February 23, 2017 by

For the last two years, attendees and presenters at Mobile World Congress have stressed the importance of developing a new 5G network standard. And this year will be no different as most of the carriers and infrastructure providers will be discussing how to future-proof their networks. However, if the predictions from Ericsson, AT&T, Vodafone and others are correct, 2017 will finally usher in the 5G era.

One of the biggest drivers of this shift has been the rise of mobile video. According to Cisco’s Global Mobile Data Forecast Update, 60% of all mobile traffic in 2016 was video – more than half of all mobile data. That includes people watching their favorite programs on Netflix, or live streaming events on Twitter, Facebook and beyond. But it also includes the rise of people creating content from their mobile devices, with the anticipated growth to exceed 78% of all mobile data by the year 2021. With an anticipated 9-fold increase, today’s 4G networks would collapse on the demand. That’s why 5G converged networks will be critical to stream across mobile and Wi-Fi seamlessly.

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Wowza will play a critical component in both live mobile broadcasting and delivering adaptive bitrate playback while ensuring that playback manifests are not interrupted when switching between network connections.

Last year, at Mobile World Congress, Wowza announced the availability of the Wowza GoCoder SDK, the software development kit for our GoCoder application. This allows anyone to build an app that can stream from an iOS or an Android device and get it into the Wowza Streaming Engine, Wowza Streaming Cloud and out to the world. Since then, we’ve seen tremendous growth in people building streaming applications, and ways to incorporate streaming into their existing services. 

From Periscope to youth sports app Sports Logic, aerial drone surveillance to live sporting events and so much more, the ways that companies are incorporating live video streaming are on the rise, and the opportunities to engage consumers is growing faster than anyone anticipated. 5G presents the next boom for live streaming, and if organizations want to capitalize on this they need to move quickly and utilize proven technology to fully leverage mobile live video streaming capabilities.

We’ll be at MWC again this year, to discuss how Wowza will be a central part of the 5G future. If you’d like to meet with us or schedule a follow-up, register at  

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