The Contenders at DeveloperWeek Hackathon

March 11, 2019 by


Over 150 teams competed at the DeveloperWeek Hackathon in San Francisco last month. As the largest challenge-driven hackathon in the U.S., this year’s event included four teams developing on top of Wowza.

We challenged these digital builders to come up with the best integration of live streaming in a playback app for iOS or Android. Participants were required to use the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service and the GoCoder SDK. The four teams highlighted in this blog were awarded a cumulative total of $1,000 in prizes.

Learn more about the innovative apps being built on top of Wowza by watching our video or reading below.


First Place: PhotoBot

From weddings to professional conferences, photography plays a central role at events. Capturing every moment means keeping the camera running. But with too many photographs to sort through, accessing the ones that matter can be daunting.

PhotoBot is an autonomous photographer robot that rolls around taking video streams. Users are able to control the robot’s position from within the app to perfect the camera angle or scan the room. They can then capture any still images, tag people, and request the image via email.

PhotoBot also integrates with a Canon Camera SDK, giving users access to high-quality shots.


Second Place: ReVision

Have you ever dreamt of teleporting? ReVision offers the closest possible experience to this. The app integrates GPS mapping with the GoCoder SDK, so that viewers get to instantly see what’s happening at any location around the world.

As long as someone’s there to stream it, viewers can take a peek. And the person streaming can charge $5 or more for highly requested streams.

Curious to see if a venue across town is happening before committing your night? Interested to get a pedestrian’s perspective at one of Dubai’s 15 wonders? With ReVision, it’s just a click away.

Like ride-sharing for streaming, ReVision capitalizes on users’ willingness to share content across mobile apps.


Third Place: HackSquad

Hackathon junkies know that traveling to every challenge can be costly and physically taxing. HackSquad seeks to decentralize these events with their online hackathon platform.

The app makes sure that hackathon invitations go to competitors with the right technical experience for that API or SDK. It also distributes cryptocurrency as prizes, streamlining the process.

A global audience of participants can remotely join hackathons, share their screens, and receive hack tokens via the app.


Fourth Place: Road Life

Road Life tied several technologies together to support streaming for emergency response — including traffic cams to detect car accidents and a built-in GPS system to alert the closest emergency facility.

Rather than relying on drivers to call in crashes while navigating the traffic, Road Life automates incident alerts. Machine learning allows the app to learn about all types of traffic patterns, including closures and delays.


Build Your Own Live Streaming Solution

Looking to build the next big thing in live video streaming? Download the free GoCoder SDK and get started with a free developer trial of the Wowza Streaming Engine™ software or the Wowza Streaming Cloud service™.

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