The Force is Strong with This One

May 4, 2017 by

There is unrest in the global distribution marketplace. Network congestion and bandwidth taxation have pinned opposing forces against one another in a battle for supremacy.

Wowza rebels have claimed yet another victory, forging an alliance with the Akamai System to fight the Supreme Leader's Darthfront weapon. Now, powered by kyber crystals for easy use, Wowza unveils its CDN with new pricing, smoother streaming, and fewer cache misses to deal a major blow to the Empire.

Rebel leader, General Stubenvoll, has dispatched his best fighters to equip the world's video experts, and settle the conflict once and for all…


Announcing New Wowza CDN Pricing

Since launching our CDN partnership with Akamai, Wowza CDN has deployed with hundreds of customers with proven scale. As we expand our CDN capabilities, we are excited to announce a 35% reduction in Wowza CDN pricing for all Wowza Streaming Engine customers.

Wowza CDN Plan Details:

  • $0.055 per GB
  • No recurring fee
  • No upfront commitments

Wowza CDN allows you to publish streams from Wowza Streaming Engine to a global CDN for delivery. Use the Stream Targets functionality to push a single or multi-bitrate stream to Wowza CDN. Please note, the Wowza CDN stream target is only available to active Wowza Streaming Engine license holders on version 4.3. For more information, visit the Wowza CDN pricing page.


Are you ready to protect the Rebel Alliance?