Troubleshooting Your Live Stream in the First Mile

August 7, 2019 by


For live broadcasters, the first mile remains the least reliable part of their video streaming workflow. In fact, 72% of event producers recently surveyed by Wowza said they were unsatisfied with their ability to detect a problem before broadcasting a live stream.

Wowza’s Anthony Lazaro and Charlie Good sit down with Eric Zawolkow, a video engineer at Facebook, to discuss opportunities for troubleshooting first-mile delivery issues.

These tactics include:

  1. Tracking metrics such as roundtrip time or network congestion on your TCP connection
  2. Building out a robust infrastructure and measuring video frames coming in and out
  3. Leveraging an appliance that monitors network health and adapts bitrate to what’s appropriate

Anyone can implement the third, most hands-free option with the Wowza ClearCaster™ appliance. Our broadcast-quality encoding appliance throttles bitrate up and down on the fly. That way, broadcasters produce a stream that’s low latency, free of buffering, and the highest quality possible for network conditions.

Watch the interview to learn more.


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