Wowza Brings Ultra Low Latency to API World 2017

September 29, 2017 by


Last weekend in Silicon Valley, Wowza Media Systems™ was a proud challenge sponsor at the API World 2017 Hackathon. Over 300 developers from a wide range of backgrounds came to compete in API-driven challenges from 15 sponsor organizations, aimed at interactive, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.



We would like to congratulate Team Livewire on winning the Wowza Ultra Low Latency streaming challenge! In less than two days, they were able to build a pay-as-you go game-streaming service, allowing viewers to place in-stream bets on the outcomes of gameplay and chat with other viewers.

In this video, Team Livewire shows off their winning app:

In the team's own words: “Traditional live video-streaming platforms charge content-viewers via a subscription model. This is outdated, as content users at times end up paying for content that they do not like. Similarly, content providers lose a big cut of their earnings to centralized video-streaming platforms. Livewire is a live video-streaming platform built on blockchain, which adopts a pay-per-view/-stream model. With the Livewire wallet, payments made via our platform are secure, transparent and almost instantaneous.”


Here are some screenshots of the Livewire platform:

Screenshot of the Livewire user interface, showing a viewer placing an in-stream bet

Livewire allows users to set bet limits, so they don't overspend their credits. 

A Livewire user profile, showing the wallet balance and address.

It's always impressive to see the speed at which talented teams can combined and leverage multiple APIs to bring new apps and services to life. Livewire combined the Wowza Streaming Cloud Ultra Low Latency APIs with APIs from TeleSign and Citi into a clean, concise user experience for pay-as-you-go, interactive stream viewing—including options such as betting, tipping and in-stream reactions.



Livewire leveraged the Wowza Streaming Cloud Ultra Low Latency APIs, along with APIs from TeleSign and Citi.


The API World Hackathon was a precursor to the API World 2017 Conference, the largest vendor-neutral API event in the world. At the conference, Senior Solutions Engineer Tim Dougherty and Director of Product Marketing James Jackson held a discussion on how to leverage the Wowza product portfolio and other tools to build streaming workflows.

The video below summarizes our experience at API World 2017. We had a great time, and we look forward to seeing everyone next year!