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As the new standard for encoder management and event monitoring, ClearCaster Pro brings improved reliability and streamlined control to broadcast workflows. The hardware encoder is coupled with a cloud-based manager to provide production teams with a single user interface. Broadcasters can maintain an audit trail over all broadcasts using live and archived health metrics, taking the guesswork out of video contribution.


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Justin Miller:

The ClearCaster Pro is a hardware encoder that is controlled from the cloud. By logging into the ClearCaster Manager, you can access all your encoders through universal mode.

From Broadcast, we provide a single place for your entire team to manage multiple live broadcasts. You can also create new broadcasts using any of your registered encoders. Use default settings for standard destinations or provide specific teams with custom templates and destinations for easy setup, exposing settings you want teams to manage.

Live monitoring is a very powerful feature that gives stream health insight in real time. During a live broadcast, you can easily dive into encoder health remotely from anywhere online. When a broadcast has ended, you’ll have a full archive of all these settings, so if you ever need to troubleshoot a prior broadcast, you’ll have an audit trail to reference with detailed diagnostics from output to CPU temperature.

Everything else you’ll need can be found under Manage. You’ll see all your registered ClearCaster Pros, under encoders, showing their current status and pertinent details. Within Templates, you can store all your custom encoding settings, so that users don’t need to manage details like stream keys. Integrations, allows you to create a new API key for specific users or add one for Wowza Streaming Cloud instances.

Recordings are first stored locally, then saved to the cloud once the broadcast has ended and available for download. Users lets you control access and permissions through assigned roles controlled by the admin. And Graphics lets you add pre-slates, countdown clocks, lower thirds and a bug. These can be edited through the interface, and assigned to specific broadcasts directly from the Broadcast tab.

The Wowza ClearCaster Pro, reliable hardware encoding with unmatched cloud control.


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