Wowza ClearCaster: Registration and Device Pairing

October 31, 2017 by


In this video, Justin shows you how to get started with Wowza ClearCaster by registering your device and pairing it with your Facebook account. Streaming broadcast-quality videos directly to Facebook Live starts with a simple registration.

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Full Video Transcript:

Justin Miller:

Before you can start streaming live with your Wowza ClearCaster to Facebook Live for the first time, you’ll need to register your ClearCaster at Sign in, or if you don’t already have a Wowza account choose to Register now for free. Once you filled out the form fields and confirmed you’re not a robot, hit Register. You will be asked to enter the ClearCaster Activation Code from the ClearCaster LCD screen. When you click Activate, you’ll also have the option to name your ClearCaster. This name is what you’ll see in Facebook as the encoder.

Once you’ve confirmed the license agreement and activated, you can then pair your ClearCaster with your Facebook account. Now, you can always do this later using the pairing code you see on the front of your ClearCaster LCD screen. If you’re logged into Facebook, simply confirm your account, select privacy options for your personal timeline, and agree to additional access to other groups and pages. After you’ve confirmed your pairing, you’ll see your Facebook account listed under My ClearCaster Devices. Now you’re ready to start streaming. If you ever want to change your ClearCaster name, just use the cog to access the name and other settings. That’s it. Thanks for watching, and start streaming today.