Wowza Clearcaster: Bringing Broadcast-Quality Streaming to Facebook Live

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Broadcast premium streams to Facebook Live with the Wowza ClearCaster™ device. Our rack-mountable encoder enables remote management from any web browser and stream monitoring with auto-adjustment.

Find out how you can start streaming to Facebook Live by watching this introductory video.

Full Video Transcript:

Justin Miller:

Introducing the closest thing to connecting your broadcast directly to Facebook Live: Wowza ClearCaster. Wowza and Facebook collaborated to create both the live and coding API and the appliance to match. Just plug in, and we’ll take it from there. Out of the box, there are only four cords to plug in. So, in less in than three minutes, you’ll be streaming live on the Facebook platform.

The 12 GSDI input allows the use of your professional STI work flows, and the rack-mounted format easily slides into your existing infrastructure for seamless integration. Some of the high-level benefits are increasing the success and quality of your broadcasts, enabling follower-driven events with comments on the Talent View, an incredibly simple workflow allowing non-technical staff to manage broadcasts from a familiar Facebook interface, the ability to simulcast to Wowza Streaming Cloud for additional options, and three years of 24/7/365 phone support in the event you need immediate assistance.

ClearCaster is persistently paired with Facebook Live by connecting the device to your account from No need to reenter stream keys for different Facebook pages. Once paired to your account, starting a stream’s easy. From your account just click ‘Live Video’. Under the Connect tab, select Paired Encoder and then select ClearCaster Device from the Paired Encoder dropdown menu.

Fill in your stream details like you normally would and when it’s time to go live, hit Go Live. Your talent get to frame accurate countdown to going live. No more guessing or awkward starts to your broadcasts. Beyond the familiar Facebook interface, we also provide a remote admin via the ClearCaster Manager. From here you can manage all your ClearCasters from a single interface, adjust audio levels, countdown clock duration, and pair with your Facebook account.

You can choose your simulcast targets, such as Facebook and your website or Facebook and your website and other social destinations. Directly from the manager you can also start and stop your live stream, as well as prevent complete stream failures by using redundant ClearCasters to provide the ultimate reliability for your broadcasts. While the process is incredibly simple, there’s still a lot happening behind the scenes.

ClearCaster detects what inputs are coming in, what network capacity’s available, then communicates that to Facebook. Facebook then tells ClearCaster what bitrate, file size, frame rate, and other specifications to send. This way, you no longer have to input encoder settings or deal with stream keys to kick off the stream. It allows streams to be stopped and started in seconds instead of minutes, as well as a closer connection to your viewers with comments and emojis in the Talent View.

Now the Talent View is a unique feature only offered by the ClearCaster, allowing for frame accurate starts as well as viewer feedback in an easy to digest format for your talent. This creates much more engaging content by providing easy interaction and real-time feedback with your fans. When streaming live, there are also additional benefits to both our collaboration and API integration with Facebook Live.

ClearCaster can deliver up to 1080p resolution to any page without special Facebook permissions and the dynamic interface with the Facebook API monitors the signal in real time to adjust to varying network conditions. The goal of this Facebook/Wowza collaboration was to create a very smart device so that non-technical resources can feel comfortable going live to Facebook without dedicating a professional engineering resource.

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