Wowza GoCoder SDK: “A Whole New World of Possibilities”

March 10, 2016 by

Wowza has been gaining attention for years in the mobile space by enabling high-quality streaming to any device. Just before Mobile World Congress 2016 kicked off last month, Wowza made a huge announcement that has been getting a lot of attention among folks in the mobile and streaming industries.

At the event, we announced the immediate availability of the Wowza GoCoder software development kit, or SDK. Building on the success of the Wowza GoCoder mobile app for iOS and Android, which allows anyone with a mobile device to encode and stream in HD quality, this new SDK allows anyone to easily customize their existing mobile apps or build new apps to allow live streaming from users’ mobile devices. See what Wowza CEO Dave Stubenvoll has to say about the newly released Wowza GoCoder SDK, as he covers the history behind its development, interesting use cases, and what makes the Wowza GoCoder SDK a key differentiator in the marketplace.

Full Transcript:

At the 2016 Mobile World Congress, Wowza announced the availability of Wowza GoCoder SDK, the software development kit of our GoCoder application. This allows anyone to build a app that can stream from an iOS or an Android device and get it into the Wowza Streaming Engine, Wowza Cloud and out to the world.

The GoCoder app has actually kind of an interesting history to it. We just did it as an experiment. We wanted to see what people would do with the ability to stream from an iOS or an Android app. So we built this very simple app that kind of took off on its own, it took a life of its own. So we built the GoCoder SDK because we had a huge amount of interest in taking our GoCoder app and building it into their own application. So it started with a white label version. We take the exact same GoCoder app and just white label it for certain customers. But the requests kept coming and coming, and more and more unusual applications that developers wanted to build, so they needed the core functionality of Wowza GoCoder as opposed to just that complete app. They wanted to add so many more unique things to it to create their own applications to meet their own needs.

Wowza GoCoder has a great place in the market and we’ve got some unique features. First of all, it’s cross-platform, so you can just author it once for iOS or Android and go from there. And of course we’ve got, you know, a rich feature set in terms of delivering to Wowza streaming engine, the ability to integrate with that. Because remember, you not only have the Wowza GoCoder SDK, but you also have the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API and the Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API that you can incorporate into your applications as well, and those things really set us apart from anything else out there.

One of the most incredible things about releasing the SDK is the crazy and hugely diverse use cases that we’ve seen as people are beginning to use it. When we started with Wowza GoCoder the app, that was before Meerkat and Periscope came out, and as it was getting out there it was easy for us to kind of believe that that was going to be the only sort of use, but we’re seeing many, many more uses. Celebrities are using it to connect with their fans, providing live streaming with their fans. High schools and colleges are using it to broadcast sports. Broadcasters are giving it to reporters so they can capture live events even when a film crew is not available. Hospitals are using it to film surgeries and provide that teaching opportunity, and even insurance companies are using it to assess damage and bring feeds back.

The use cases are just starting and we expect that ability to be on the scene and deliver it through the Cloud or through Wowza Streaming Engine to open up a whole new world of possibilities. So if you’re considering using Wowza GoCoder SDK, just contact us. Quickest way to do it is to hit us up at and we’ll get you on the path to using Wowza GoCoder SDK in your own application.