Wowza Sponsors Low Latency Streaming Challenges at NYC Hackathon

June 29, 2018 by


On June 18-20, 2018, more than 3,000 developers and development operations (DevOps) professionals flocked to the DeveloperWeek conference in Brooklyn, New York. Attendees came to discover the latest in app development, DevOps, development management and financial technology development (FinTech Dev). This creative mecca was also the home of the New York City DeveloperWeek Hackathon, where hundreds of East Coast developers gathered to build apps from scratch and compete for $50,000 in cash and prizes.

Wowza had the pleasure of being one of eight sponsors at this year’s event. We offered on-site training, workshops, free developer tools and exciting opportunities for developers to bring a brilliant, fresh application with live video streaming to life.


Wowza Offers Two Live Streaming Challenges

For hackathon participants, Wowza sponsored two live-streaming app challenges:

Challenge #1: Build a Wowza GoCoder™ SDK playback app.

Tools and technology provided:

  • Wowza GoCoder SDK with playback.
  • Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Code samples.
  • Developer tools and tutorials.
  • Support from Wowza developers.

Wowza Hackathon Challenge #1 Winner: Sociall

Sociall, the winning GoCoder SDK playback team, built a mobile web app to help with mental illness treatment and therapy. Sociall saw a need for healthcare and mental health providers to have the ability to acutely diagnose diseases and prescribe an effective treatment plan. They also believe that a healthcare professional will inevitably miss one or more non-verbal cues when speaking to a patient. Paired with the critical issue of limited access to healthcare for some patients, a real need for a better treatment experience became apparent. The web application, Smart Eye, attempts to solve these problems by enabling physicians to use secure video communication and facial recognition software to assess the condition of a patient.

Their project was built using Java and Spring Boot to create a prototype Java application. They then integrated Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server which is also built using Java technology and can be extended by writing custom Java classes that are loaded dynamically by the server at runtime.

The Wowza Go-Coder SDK and Wowza Streaming Engine allowed for a built-in mobile live feed video presence which they think is critical for medical research professionals such as paramedics, social workers, psychiatrists and others out in the field speaking with patients. Wowza Streaming Engine was also helpful in their application because it allows for several integration points that can be used to extend to the server: custom server-side extensions, HTTP Providers, and listeners. They used source video from a H.264 encoder, through the Wowza GoCoder app and the Wowza GoCoder SDK to display streaming video content from their phones to enhance their medical application.

Congrats to Sociall for their win!



Challenge #2: Build a WebRTC chat or publish-and-play application.

Tools and technology provided:

  • Wowza Streaming Engine.
  • Code samples.
  • Developer tools and tutorials.
  • Support from Wowza developers.

Wowza Hackathon Challenge #2 Winner: Invia

Invia, the winning WebRTC team, built an app that would allow users to remotely live stream with friends while watching video services such as Netflix or YouTube. Recognizing that millennials commit huge blocks of time binging on Netflix shows and YouTube content, their solution was to create a “Netflix and chill” app that allows you to watch movies and TV shows with your best friends via live-streaming video—without having to be in the same room, state or even country.

The front end of their app is built with the Angular and React Native development toolsets, and the back end utilizes the Express application framework for Node.js, hosted on IBM Cloud. The team used WebRTC to curate both live video and streaming.

Congrats to Team Invia!


Each winner won $700 in Amazon Gift Cards, Wowza Swag Bag ($300 value) and a free Wowza Streaming Cloud Standard plan ($400 value). Entries were judged on originality, completeness and functionality.

We’d like to thank all of the teams for participating in the Wowza hackathon challenges and congratulations to the winners!

To learn more about the technology winners used, please visit the following pages:

GoCoder SDK Wowza Streaming Cloud with Ultra Low Latency WebRTC