Wowza Streaming Cloud Feature Update

October 19, 2016 by

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The idea of fitting the job to the worker rather than the other way around is nothing new, or controversial. Interestingly enough, though, when you look around at references for ergonomics for developers and producers the vast majority tend to center around the physical workspace with recommendations like don’t slouch, keep your feet on the floor, an
position your monitor at eye level.

That's good advice for pretty much everyone, but it doesn’t specifically address the jobs of producing and developing to producers and developers. Maybe there's another angle to ergonomics. With Wowza Streaming Cloud we're constantly looking to find ways of making live media streaming fit the user as well as the use. Here are a few things we hear often:

  • How do I know what settings I need?
  • How do I size appropriately for my audience?
  • How do I provide a good, consistent experience no matter what device viewers choose?
  • How do I know if my code works before I check it in?
  • How do I know if my code will scale?

The latest Wowza Streaming Cloud update is designed to address this new kind of “ergonomics” with preconfigured lower-latency HTTP selection, the Wowza Player preview availability, and the Wowza Streaming Cloud sandbox environment.


Lower-Latency HTTP

Wowza has a lineage of powering low-latency streaming use cases at scale. With fewer browsers and endpoints supporting Flash, the need for lower-latency HTTP delivery will continue to grow. However, when delivering HTTP streams, configuring for a good user experience with regard to latency is not always straightforward. The Wowza Streaming Cloud predefined lower-latency option makes global streaming to any device is as easy as checking a box, without taking away the ability to fine-tune at any time as needs change. 


Wowza Streaming Cloud Sandbox

Founded by developers, with a special focus on enabling developers, Wowza provides a complete suite of APIs, SDKs, and platforms for building innovative streaming solutions. The brand-new Wowza Streaming Cloud sandbox environment further enhances the speed, ease, and flexibility with which developers can bring their ideas and projects to life. The sandbox enables developers with a trial or production license to experiment with the best-in-class Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API to build and test applications without incurring usage fees or impacting production workflows.


Wowza Player (Preview)

Wowza streaming technology can take in streams from any source and deliver them to any device anywhere in the world, every time. However, often users need a simple, lightweight solution from a single vendor that will work everywhere. Wowza Player is a lightweight, responsive, professional-grade HTML5 player that works across all browsers, operating systems, and endpoints, simplifying delivery of Apple HLS streams. Wowza Player is available in Wowza Streaming Cloud for fast, worry-free stream playback.


Ready to start using these new features?

  1. Sign up for a trial of Wowza Streaming Cloud or sign into your existing account.
  2. Request access to Wowza Player.
  3. Access the Wowza Streaming Cloud sandbox.


To learn more about Wowza Streaming Cloud visit the Product Overview Page