Wowza Streaming Cloud Part III: Advanced-Feature Configurations

April 25, 2018 by


Transcoders, stream targets and scheduling are some of the most popular advanced-settings options among Wowza Streaming Cloud users. In this video, we’ll show you how to get started when configuring these top three advanced features. For more detailed information click here.


Top Three Advanced-Feature Configurations

The Wowza Streaming Cloud service is one of the easiest ways to deliver professional grade live-streaming video to a global audience of any size. In this video, we’ll delve a little deeper into its Advanced Streaming settings, allowing you to fine-tune your live stream.

When logged into your Wowza Streaming Cloud account, under Advanced in the Main Menu, you’ll find these six functions. We’ll be focusing on Transcoders, Stream Targets and Schedules.


Transcoders allow you to push your live stream across a wide variety of devices and networks. By default, when you add a new live stream, a transcoder is automatically set up with a passthrough stream and four different resolutions.

From the Output & Targets tab, you can modify these adaptive bitrate renditions. Click Add Output to create your own custom output or use the pull-down menu to pick a preset resolution. Try 720p, to get comfortable with adding renditions.

Stream Targets

Stream Targets enable you to syndicate your live streams across multiple destinations. This could be your own website, Facebook Live, and direct playback URLs for mobile viewing. We generally recommend adding stream targets by going to Transcoders and selecting the transcoder for the stream target. From the Output & Targets tab, locate the adaptive bitrate rendition you want to add an additional stream target to.

Now, if you’re adding Facebook as a stream target, it’s usually best to add it to a passthrough stream, so the output will automatically be adjusted to meet Facebook’s streaming requirements. The passthrough stream is the first rendition listed. Click Add a Stream Target, select Facebook Live, and follow the onscreen directions for connecting with Facebook and adding a stream target.


Schedules let you start and stop transcoders at a specific time without having to go in and manually do so. Just click Add, and get started. While a schedule name isn’t required, it does help simplify management. You must complete all the required information, which is appended with an asterisk. You can schedule a transcoder to repeat or set it to run only once. When you’ve completed the required information, click Add, and you’re set.

Schedules come with an idle timeout option, located under the specific transcoder you’ve scheduled. Under the Transcoder Setup tab, you can edit the amount of time to idle. With this option in place, your transcoder will automatically stop if no incoming stream source is detected after the specified time.

That’s it for Wowza Streaming Cloud’s Top Three Advanced Settings. Check out our help docs to learn more and thanks for watching.