Yippee Ki-Ay Blues uses Wowza GoCoder mobile app to stream live music from anywhere

July 8, 2015 by

The music business is tough on artists—spending months each year touring to build a fan base and make a living. With live and video on demand (VOD) streaming technology, though, new opportunities are out there to help them with these efforts. Yippee Ki-Ay Blues is looking to create additional revenue for musicians through live performance streaming and VOD archival—using the Wowza GoCoder app and Wowza Streaming Engine software. 

Yippee Ki-Ay Blues is live-streaming from blues festivals, recording studios, and house concerts, featuring such acts as the Geri Mingori Band, Arthur James, Eddie Turner, the Rafael Tranquilino Band, Scott Holt, Eli Cook, Eddie Shaw, and members from Foghat and the Destroyers. When planning this venture, founder and CTO Michael Reynosa and chief of software engineering Robin Holmes spent two months conducting due diligence on all available streaming technologies, and Wowza technology came out on top—due to the free Wowza GoCoder live streaming and mobile encoding app, and the easy integration between Wowza Streaming Engine, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and JW Player.

Here's a look at the streaming setup:

  • Apple iPad with Wowza GoCoder: as the live feed camera and encoder
  • Android phone with MX Viewer app: as a setup tool to determine the camera view; a remote administrator provides the stream URL to the onsite event producer to input into his Android device to get a sense of the viewing experience
  • Wowza Streaming Engine software on AWS: for scalable cloud-based deployment, robust monitoring via Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, and intuitive VOD recording
  • JW Player Pro: for embedding the live and VOD streams at yippeekiayblues.com

With this workflow, Yippee Ki-Ay Blues has successfully live-streamed music performances for up to nine hours at a time via a 4G wireless connection. The live streaming latency from New Jersey to Northern California to Switzerland and back to California was a mere three seconds.

With these successes under its belt, the Yippee Ki-Ay team is planning to debut a paid VOD subscription later this year, as well as develop an Android app that will receive live streams directly from Wowza GoCoder to showcase jam sessions and more. All of these initiatives add up to more opportunities for hard-working blues musicians to both expand their reach and engage their current fans.