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180-day developer license no longer available?


We have a paid annual license for Wowza Streaming Engine, and we’ve been using a developer license for our test server. These used to last six months so we only had to rotate the license twice a year, but now the developer license links (e.g. from this answer which references the 180-day license) all go to the trial page, which is only a 30-day license.

We’re running Wowza in a Docker swarm and it’s a somewhat involved and annoying process to switch out the license keys, so it’s becoming quite frustrating to have to do this every 30 days. Is there any provision for a longer developer license for paying customers?

David Moles
Head of Applications
UC Berkeley Library IT

They deactivated the 180 days licenses somewhere in august this year without any notice to the community. I also use the developer license for testing and bugfixing. Running several testing servers with different setups.
You can renew the trials every 30 days, but i would also like to see it back to 180 days.
I requested the same question on our business account, but found out i was able to renew them after 30 days anyway, so i canceled the ticket.

If you still want it as a paying customer i would suggest to create a support ticket in your business acount. You will get a quicker response there than on the forum. And maybe they can grant you a longer testing period.

It’s not that big of a deal for me, I create my own wowza installers, So i have a server setup in a couple of minutes.

Good thought, thanks. I’ve filed a ticket.