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360 Degree Video Stitched Together

We have an immediate need for a streaming video expert to assist us with configuring the media servers necessary to stream multiple camera feeds into a single stream. Here are basic details:

  1. Multiple sites with three 180 degree lens IP (MxJPEG is optional) cameras.

  2. The three IP cameras will deliver video to a media server that will need to “stitch” the three videos together into a single feed. This single feed will be delivered to end users as a single 360 degree view.

  3. This single 360 degree video feed will then need to be pushed out to Akamai’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) to be published online.

There is no manual labor involved. All of the cameras will be set up and connected to the internet by our team. We need someone with knowledge of stream media servers and how to properly configure and secure them.

Some media servers to consider are:

  1. Wowza

  2. Plesk

  3. VLC

We are open to all considerations. Project is to begin April 2014.

We will supply all of the cameras and the Amazon EC2 instances as needed for the media server(s).

Our plan is to then stream the “stitched” together 360 degree video to Akamai where the stream will be accessed from a web server. We do not need anyone to implement the HTML code for the media player; however, suggestions are always welcome.

You must be self-motivated and be available for support as issues may arise. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Please send a message if interested.


  • Are you trying to stack the images vertically, horizontally or in some other method?

Horizontal to produce a panoramic 360 degree view. It is expected that there may be some cropping and adjusting the image especially since each is 180 degrees.

  • How important is that the 3 camera feeds be synced? Inherent IP latency is a concern here.

Realtime is not needed. We expect there will be a 30 to 60 second delay for all of the processing. The key is the video needs to play back seemlessly.

Do you have a sample of the source camera footage you could point me to?

We can provide sample source once we also choose the cameras. We just need 100% confidence that it can be implemented once we make the final decision on the cameras.

Do you have more details on the cameras?

3-camera input with 180 degr. each, must be concatenated by some piece of software. It must be possible to configure the overlap dynamically. The concatenation should produce one wide view (e.g. WxH 5000 x 1000px), at the other end there will be HTML5 based software that can regenerate a 360 view from the stream.

Where will Wowza server be hosted?

Server will be AWS EC2, distribution via Akamai CDN. Between camera and media software there will likely be HTTPS and username/password authentication. The connection between the media server and Akamai must be secured so that users cannot connect directly to the media server.

What is your contact information?

Please contact Chris: chris at gmesllc dot com

Do you need server administration after it is set up?

Yes, we do. For a minimum of 90 days after the Wowza servers are set up.

I’m interested and have some thoughts and comments on it.

Please contact me: rshmelev [at] gmail {dot} com