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4x 360 VR streams to cloud - redirect to Facebook - redirect to local Wowza Engine


For a project I need to stream from 4 different locations to a venue where about 150 people will be viewing the stream.

I want to use both facebook and a local Wowza server so that I can switch locally if the local internet-bottleneck is a problem.

The 4 streams would go to the cloud server via RTSP (to have the lowest possible delay).

These would then be streamed to Facebook (RTMP I believe)

These would also be transcoded on the Wowza cloud so that I can send a MBR stream to the local server.

Question 1: This last part is unclear to me. Should I use an edge-server setup and stream this MBR stream via RTMP or what setup would be best there.

Question 2: The edge server should then distribute HLS to the local viewers? Can an edge server do that? Receive an RTMP MBR stream and distribute this over HLS?



Hi @Arne Van Renterghem, thanks fo reaching out. I am checking with our engineers to determine the best workflow to accomplish this. We will respond again very shortly.