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A post awaiting moderation for 12 days

I have published a post 12 days ago but it’s still awaiting moderation. Is it ok?

I don’t see anything in moderation at all. I apologize. We approve them each morning, but let me look into it for you.

The post is

That’s so odd. I see what you shared, but our moderation queue says empty. Let me see if one our consultants can assist you today with that post that didn’t get answered and thanks for letting me know about this.

I did see you had posted something similar and our tech support team had requested you submit a support ticket.

It appears this was flagged as a duplicate question since it was so similar to the other one you posted here:

Also, just to let you know that your recent trial ended 4/29 when I checked your account and it appears you have had 10 trials under the same email address. Please reach out to if you feel there has been an error with your account vs trials. Thanks!