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AAC Audio


I am using FMLE to stream but have just discovered that for the sound to work on Smartphones you have to use AAC audio. FMLE only comes with MP3 audio you have to buy the AAC software which costs about $200. Is there any other ways to convert the MP3 audio to AAC using Wowza?


Gordon Barker

You can run the live stream through the Wowza Media Server Transcoder and transcode the audio to AAC:

How to set up and run Wowza Transcoder for live streaming



In order to change the audio format, you could use the AudFree Tidal Music Converting Tool to help you. And then you can convert the music tracks to the audio files you want with original quality. At last, you could enjoy them offline on other devices.

To transcode the audio format, you could use the DRmare Tidal Converter. This tool is able to help you convert one audio format to another audio format of Tidal music with high quality. And you can customize other audio parameters as you like. And then, you can listen to the music with the audio format you like.