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Able to stop instance vs terminate

Some of my general purpose EC2 instances allow me to stop the instance when it isn’t needed, then restart it when I need it again. My Wowza instances only allow be to terminate, and that seems to completely tear down the instance, destroy the data, etc.

Is there any way I can modify my instance to allow me to stop a Wowza instance when it isn’t needed?

My motivation is this: I normally run very little traffic through Wowza. Once in a great while, though, my customers run big events with boatloads of traffic. I’d like to have a large or extra large instance defined and set up, maybe added to a load balancer, that I can fire up before a big event then stop when the event is over, so I don’t end up paying for a lot more capacity than I need.

There is not a way to do EBS back volume with devpay. You use Wowza with a subscripion license on a EBS backed volume, but that would defeat your purpose probably, since you would have to pay monthly even if you have it turned off most of the time. The best solution is use Ec2 startup packages (covered in the Wowza Ec2 user guide), and use ElasticIP, and use S3 or EBS volumes for storage. With these things it is possible to stop and startup on short notice and be identical.