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About setting up Apple HLS

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I want to send the HLS output of Encoder to wowza.

Encoder-> Output Type: Apple HLS-> Wowza

The path output from the encoder is as follows.

Master playlist: http: // wowza media server ip / live / test / master.m3u8

Variant playlist: http: // wowza media server ip / live / test / 01 / prog_index.m3u8

In this case, how should you define the Stream URL in the following settings?

Also, are there any additional items (such as write permission) that need to be set when setting up Apple HLS?

Just try calling it in the name field as you will see in this doc:


For the stream URI, if you look to the right in Engine manager under ABOUT STREAM FILES, it gives you the example uri for HLS.

It looks like this: http://[source-ip-address]:[port]/ApplicationName/StreamName/playlistm3u8 or for https, it’s the same structure, just use https:// in the beginning instead of http://

Try following that doc and let me know if it works for you in the test players. Thanks.

Thank you for your answer and I have additional questions.

The manual says to use port 1935. Isn’t port 1935 an RTMP streaming port?

Should I use port 1935 or port 80 when receiving HLS?

In addition, HTTP 404 error and media server connection error occur in Encoder.

Are there any settings I need to add other than the example sent from the media server?