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About the insertion of emergency live signal

We are publishing 5 channel TV programs through Wowza 2.2.4, In case of emergency,

we need to forcibly insert the sixth live stream, and the sixth live stream will overwrite

all of the 5 channel live streams smoothingly. then, all user can only receive the

sixth signal no matter what programs the users are currently looking at. We hope that

the administrator can control that insertion function by a button. Please tell me how

to achieve this function.

My Email: , Skype: lucky_bordon

Best Regards




Thank you for posting on this topic. It sounds like you may be requesting technical support. This particular forum is designated for soliciting consultative, hired help from external resource for on-site integration services. Are you intending to hire a consultant? If not, please let me direct you to the Wowza Technical Support Forum for technical help. You may also send an email to with a reference to this post.

Thank you for your patience on this matter.