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AC3 Support

Im thrilled to see the new releases of Wowza have support for AC3 audio.

But after a search on the forum / wiki, I found a handfull of items about AC3 in combination with the transcoder and nothing usefull for streaming.

So im a bit disappointed about the quantity of documentation about this topic.

Our setup:

Seperated encoders who push the stream to wowza origins (RTMP).

Wowza origins distribute the stream to multiple edge’s (RTMP).

My Questions:

Does wowza support it to pass ac3 from encoder down to the client (or does only the transcoder accept it as audio source)?

Does AC3 need any config change to let it pass from encoder to the client?

Are there special debugging options for ac3?

Are there any pitfalls I need to be aware off?

Thanks in advance,



If you are sending the AC3 track via MPEGTS then this is just pass through to the end clients that support AC3, no transcoder is required. If you are using an RTMP encoder to Wowza then this is more of an issue as this probably will not work without further investigation. I think there is a RTMP code for the AC3 codec but not sure we would support it at the moment.

There is no need for any special configuration when using MPEGTS as it will see the AC3 codec and pass through the data.

As for pitfalls, none that I can think of, but as there are many different types of encoders it may just be a matter of testing/trial and error with some configuration parameters on the encoder side.