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Access level of HLS encoding


I’m newer in Wowza and think this is the best solution of Media Server Software that I found for my project.

I’m working on a project where I need to get access of .m3u8 files and define the size of .ts video parts.

My ideia is mix .m3u8 with some .ts parts of other videos and keep all .ts files with same size in seconds.

And Is possible to stream only audio of two or more videos (for example) in same time of a HLS video?

How is possible to do something like this with Wowza?


You have posted in the find a consultant forum. Do you require paid help with this ? or are you just looking for pointers ?


Hi Andrew,

I just want to know more about how Wowza compose videos recorded from external sources like smartphones or web sites, I’m working on a very particular feature and I will need to know more about the how Wowza prepare videos to demand via HLS.