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Activation license after reboot

We are establishing a local private network without internet connection. We are going to use Wowza Streaming Engine for service to our customers.

At first, we opened and validate it successful.

However, every time we reboot, it still need to be authenticate with license server again.

Why it is happen? For security reasons, we can’t keep opened.

I’ve searched about this issue on forums, it looks like there is no solution.

We can’t use a proxy here. Also we can’t use USB dongle because it works in virtual machine.

Could you let me know the solution?

The USB dongle is your only option because the Engine always phones home for validation. But, you could dedicate the USB key to your guest OS via the hypervisor to avoid the constant validation you’re facing and to not have port 80 open.

For more info on how to get the USB key and find out how you can set this up for a virtual machine, we do offer options at Shoot them an email and they will explain in more detail. I hope this helps.