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Adaptive RTSP Streaming: Possible?

I have gone through the forum posts and evidently from them the Wowza Team does not plan implementing the functionality of RTSP streaming in the near future. So, my question is, is it possible to do so via server modules, and do there already exist some modules to this effect?

And if the answer to the latter is no, then how should I go about developing the same?

Thanks for your time.


That is exactly what dynamic streaming is all about. Switching to a stream on the basis of the bandwidth available to the user, in case of a live stream, or switching to a lower bitrate segment of a video file for the VoD stream.

Wowza server as far as I have read, does not natively support the aforementioned feature in the RTSP sphere for mobile phones, atleast not for VoD, but does so in case of HTTP and others. So, hopefully, the functionality could be added to the server via a module. And that is my question. Is such a thing feasible and if yes, do there already exist some module to this effect?

There is a not a way to implement this through our API.


We do not have short term plans to add support for this. Our understanding is that it is not well supported on the different handsets. Dynamic HTTP streaming (Apple HLS, smooth streaming and Flash HTTP) are much better alternatives.


There is a not a way to implement this through our API.


Thanks for the heads-up. Just one more query, you guys planning to implement something of this kind anytime in the future?

However, on low end phones, like Nokia Series 40 phones, there is no option of having Flash or the other alternatives. So, we have just RTSP to fall back upon.

I was thinking on the lines of finding out the RTT of the user on regular intervals, mapping the value to the bandwidth and then sending the appropriate stream to the user. Is that possible to do this via the API?