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Adaptive streaming using wowza media server

Hi All,

I am using FMLE to send the stream to wowza. My parameters are,

FMS Name : rtmp://
streamname : livestream

i have installed wowza, created conf/live folder, copied application.xml to live folder and now i am able to stream


as well as

All i need is to get apple streaming up for a live stream. Now when i am sendding 1 stream this works great. How do i configure wowza to handle multiple bitrates?

where it will create keyframeseonds.ts files? as well as playlist.m3u8 files?

The parameters of FMLE are,

FMS Name : rtmp://
streamname : livestream%i

When i play,

it plays first bitrate stream.When i play,

it plays second bitrate stream. How do i get single http url which takes care of all streams together?

As i am not so much into coding, any guide to deploy adaptive streaming using wowza server will be helpful.


multi-bitrate streaming is covered in the live tutorial:

Seems similar to two other posts of yours today. Please try not to post similar questions from various stages of your development in different posts.