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add a web service interface to Wowza Media Server

I am trying add SOAP based web serivce interface

I was successfully able to add it and it loads the wsdl while trying to load on the localhost.

However i am not able to load it from outside the box. It gives error that its not able to connect to the box.

Is there something in the config that I need to update so that i can load the wsdl from outside localhost .

this seem to work form the box http://localhost:9091/wowzaserverws?wsdl

However if i try to load from other client using ip it doesn’t work http://{ip of wowza box}:9091/wowzaserverws?wsdl

We will have to run some tests on your code @rahul Bhandari to see where the issue is. Would you kindly submit a support ticket and we will assist you? Thank you.